Welcome to the Interparents' Support Center

This support page is primarily for the communication of Baccalaureate-related concerns. Please, read first carefully this page before submitting a ticket (a concern).

This is an unofficial service for parents, run by parent volunteers of your local Parent Association and its parent organisation INTERPARENTS. Our aim is to collate any feedback from parents across the school system who consider that an examination has been faulty in some way.

In order to streamline communication and better serve you, we are utilizing a support ticket system. Please file a separate ticket for each exam to help us distinguish issues. See "Registration" below for how to register to the system.

Every request is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online. For your reference we provide complete archives and history of all your support requests. A registration and an email address is required to submit a ticket and for potential personal communication back to you.

On receipt of your feedback, the information you enter will be made available simultaneously to the designated reps for the Baccalaureate in both your local Parent Association and INTERPARENTS. We will then do our best to:

- inform the school administration about any local concerns which cannot be addressed at system level.

- forward system level concerns to the Baccalaureate Unit of the Office of the Secretary General of the European Schools, for consideration.

- analyse the feedback received from across the system to build up a picture of the situation and enable us possibly to make additional or overarching remarks to the Baccalaureate Unit about the examination concerned.

Our aim is to ensure that if errors have occurred with an exam, corrective action is taken spontaneously before the publication of results so as to obviate the need to launch an appeal.

Note: Informing us of concerns and problems does not replace the formal procedures through which you can obtain copies of your child’s exam paper plus supporting documents if you wish or the steps required to launch an official complaint/appeal.


You are requested to register and confirm you email by replying to an email from the system in doing so. Please check your spam folder if you cannot find the confirmation email. In case you have any (other) technical problems, please send us an email to admin[AT]interparents.eu .

Protection of personal data

Specific Privacy Statement May 15, 2018
  • What kind of personal data do we collect and why? Names and email addresses – to link each comment to a real person who is verifiably a parent of the school and to enable us to contact you about the remarks you make.
  • How long will we keep the personal data? Names and email addresses you enter will be kept for te Baccalaureate session until end of September that year. after which they will be deleted from the system. However, statistical data (stripped of any personal identification, like names and email addresses) will be kept on record for future reference and analysis.
  • How are personal data shared? Project team members within your Parents Association and Interparents will have access to the personal data you enter but will be required to undertake not to share these data further or use them for any other purpose than this project.
  • Which data will be transferred outside my Parent Association/the Interparents project team? The content of your remarks may be forwarded to the Baccalaureate Unit of the Office of the Secretary General of the European Schools but only after names and email addresses have been removed from the files.
  • Who is the data controller and who can you contact in case of a question about data protection? Interparents is the data controller and if you have any questions or request related to your data, or use of it, including but not limited to deleting it from out system, please contact us at info@interparents.eu .